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Are Dental Crowns Effective in Fixing Cracked Teeth?

Dental crowns can be used to fix multiple problems with your teeth, including fractures. If you’ve cracked a tooth in a slip and fall, sports collision, or by eating hard candy, your Waterloo dentist can repair the damage with dental crown treatment. Dental crowns are special caps or coverings placed over chipped, cracked or broken teeth to fortify their structure and restore their usefulness. At Auburn Centre Dental, we offer dental crown treatment to residents of Waterloo and surrounding communities.

Dental Crowns for Cracked Teeth in Waterloo area

Dental Crowns for Cracked Teeth

If a crack compromises the enamel, outer layer, dentin, inner layer or pulp of your tooth, it can put your tooth at risk of infection. A severe crack can weaken your tooth structure. The pressure of chewing could widen the crack, making your tooth susceptible to further breakage or crumbling. By capping your tooth, your Waterloo dentist can contain the damage to keep your tooth intact. The crown also helps absorb the pressure of chewing and grinding to restore your tooth’s usefulness.

If the fracture reaches the pulp of your tooth, your Waterloo dentist may recommend a root canal before crown treatment. Cracks that expose the pulp leave your tooth’s chamber open to bacterial infection that can damage your nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue, killing your tooth. A root canal protects your tooth to save it from extraction. After root canal therapy, we put a crown on your tooth to protect it from future damage and infection.

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Quality of Dental Crowns

Porcelain crowns make an excellent choice for repairing fractured teeth as they’re:

  • Cavity resistant
  • Highly durable and can withstand the pressure of constant chewing
  • Long-lasting, enduring up to 10 years or longer, with proper care
  • Easy to care for as they only require brushing, flossing and routine dental cleaning  
  • Natural-looking and blend in perfectly with your smile to help retain its attractive appearance

At Auburn Centre Dental, we have ample experience with dental crowns and can help you get the most from your treatment. To schedule a consultation for crown treatment, contact your Waterloo dentist today at (519) 895-0582.

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